User guide


When you access this webpage you can use Talkfactory and Graphfactory without doing anything else to your digital device (smartphone, Android tablet, iPad or PC). You can also save files on your device for the next time you access the webpage. You will need to have internet access to do all of this.

Usually, you will be offered the opportunity to add the apps to your home screen or desktop. This wording varies from one browser to another but is usually in the address bar as an icon. On a mobile phone or tablet the option might be in the browser's menu. This will mean you can run the apps when you are not connected to the internet. It also can save you time and allows for better use of the available screen space by not having the browser address bar and menus.

For those interested, TalkFactory and GraphFactory are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs look and feel like normal apps that you would install to your phone or tablet, but are accessed through your browser. Once installed to your device you can launch the apps from an icon, you won't need to open your browser first. They also work without an internet connection.

Our apps do not ask you to create an account or enter any personal details. Only information essential to the operation of the apps, to recall graph details, is stored in the browser of your device. No information is ever sent to our server. In addition, the apps have a SSL certificate and you will see the locked padlock in your browser's address bar to indicate they are secure.

Using TalkFactory

Use the menu (1) to access the following options

Click or tap on the talk rules (2) as they occur in real time during a class discussion. TalkFactory comes with 6 default talk rules. These represent fundamental talking and listening skills and are a good place to start. Once your pupils have mastered these skills you can edit the rules to meet the evolving needs of your class.

The bar graph (3), sum totals (4) and timeline (5) will change automatically when you click on a rule.

If you want to undo your last click on a rule, simply click the undo and the last entry will be deleted from the timeline, graph and sum total.

Using GraphFactory

GraphFactory enables you to compare graphs from multiple lessons so you can track improvements in your pupils' talking and listening skills over time. Simply click on the Open button in GraphFactory and navigate to the file you want to open. Repeat the process to open additional files into GraphFactory. There is no limit to the number of graphs you can display at one time.

You can print graphs to display on the wall by clicking the Print button